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The most comfortable spa made in the USA!

At a more affordable price point you can choose for us to install a Dynasty Spa. Spend more time relaxing and less time working in every season. Click on Dynasty Spas below to view all your options and contact us for pricing and Installation details.


Stand alone Spa Benefits



To quickly feel the benefits of balneotherapy on your health, soak in your spa for 30 minutes a day, 3 times a week. By  combining your spa sessions with a healthy diet and physical activity, you will quickly see noticeable positive effects on your daily well-being.

Relaxtion and Stress Management

Spending time in a spa influences brain functions, generating physiological effects comparable to those brought on by meditation.This reaction promotes short-term memory, increases attention span, and improves brain functions.

Backaches and Lumbar Pain


The mere fact of being immersed in a spa could influence the sympathovagal balance of the body. In short, this activity leads to a decrease in anxiety and stress, and generates positive ideas while lowering blood pressure and cardiac stress.


Postitive Effects on Sleep Patterns


Researchers have found that immersion in hot water for 30 minutes, a few hours before going to bed, contributes to better quality sleep. Body temperature increases in the spa, then slowly decreases in the evening. This regulation helps to fall asleep faster, but also increases the quality of slow/deep sleep during the night.

Joint and Muscle Pain


After physical exertion, a spa is a great reward. Beyond relaxation, the soothing effects of a spa can make a major difference when pain remains persistent. Hot water and massage jets also have the potential to soothe some chronic pain.

Cardiovascular Health


Taking a relaxing break in the warm water of a spa may be good for your heart, as the spa may simulate some aspects of exercise without the associated heart stress. A 10-minute hot bath may even be beneficial for people suffering from congestive heart failure. Please refer to your medical professional


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