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5 Reasons why you should Resurface

  • Age of your current surface

Assuming your contractor used quality materials and chemical levels were maintained, most surfaces will last 5 to 15 yrs. 

  • You See Staining

Pools can start to get discolored after years of wear and tear. These stains can come from the minerals, chemicals or other materials in the water such as leaves and debris. 

  • Material is coming off

Years of heavy use, and or unbalanced chemistry can cause your surface to feel like sandpaper and raw gunite to start peeking through. 

  • There are leaks

Cracks and gaps in the concrete can allow water to slowly seep out causing you to consistently add water to your pool. As time goes on, the leak can erode and cause further damage and build up for a more costly repair.

  • You're ready for an update

Not only is a resurface good for maintenance and repair, it can give you the opportunity to transform and enhance the way your pool looks.

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